Broach type automatic sheeting machine

Broach type automatic sheeting machine

Product Details

Main technical parameters

Maximum cutting width: 1400mm

Maximum cutting length: 2000mm (can be customized)

Cutting method: gear motor drive, broach cutting

Power: 1.2KW+0.2KW

Power supply voltage: 380V/50Hz

Air source pressure: 0.4-0.6MPa

Dimensions: 2450 × 2300 × 1600mm

Main features of the broach type manual sheeting machine: This machine is an automatic type cutting machine that sets the size of the cloth and the number of cloths through the touch screen. It can pre-cut into a large piece of carbon cloth. The layers are automatically pushed together and cut into equal width pieces, which effectively improves work efficiency and reduces production costs. The broach-type manual sheet-cutting machine is used to prevent safety accidents. The Shandong carbon fiber composite machine manufacturer Weihai Lijiang fishing gear is equipped with an anti-beam safety light curtain on the left and right sides of the operation surface to protect when there is a hand or other object. When the light curtain is protected, the system will be in a stopped state, and the system will continue to operate when the foreign matter is evacuated. Light curtain test is required before each shift to produce carbon fiber products to judge whether the light curtain protection operation is normal. Only when the light curtain works normally, the equipment can be operated.

Uses: This machine is a semi-automatic small sheet cutting machine, which is used to cut the multi-layer carbon fiber cloth and fiberglass cloth by semi-automatic cutting.

Advantages: The machine adopts motor drive, chain drag cutter to cut multiple layers of carbon fiber cloth and fiberglass cloth, custom carbon fiber equipment, cutting capacity: carbon fiber cloth 10-20 layers, fiberglass cloth 30-40 The cutting size is manually drawn, and the infrared ray is cut by a word. The operation is simple and the size is accurate, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the manual cutting, and effectively improves the working efficiency and operational safety of the cutting cloth. In addition, Lijiang fishing gear also has carbon fiber molding equipment.

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