Winding machine

Winding machine

Product Details

Main technical parameters

Winding tape diameter: φ50mm

Drive mode: variable frequency speed double synchronous motor drive

Motor power: 1.375KW*2

Power supply: 0.4-0.6MPa

Dimensions: 2280 × 920 × 1700mm

The vertical tape wrapping machine is a new generation product independently developed by our factory on the basis of the second generation tape wrapping machine, which is suitable for the winding of the thicker section OPP tape. The high-performance permanent magnet synchronous motor and the precision transmission structure effectively improve the smoothness of the mechanical transmission and ensure the uniformity of the belt distance. A large number of maintenance costs and repair time are saved, production costs are reduced, and production efficiency is improved. Weihai Lijiang fishing gear not only has Shandong winding machine, but also specializes in producing all kinds of fishing equipment, pultrusion equipment, FRP pultrusion mold, dipping equipment, fishing rod cutting machine and various golf equipment. The company has equipment and many years of production experience, integrity for 100 years is our company's service tenet, we will continue to be reliable, reputable, price concessions, fast delivery. Perfect service and dedication to the general user service, invite friends from all walks of life to come to our company to negotiate guidance.

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