Carbon tube double shaft horizontal winding machine

Carbon tube double shaft horizontal winding machine

Product Details

Main technical parameters

Maximum winding diameter specification φ50

Maximum tape length specification L2000 (can be customized)

Wrap tension: 1-20kg constant tension automatic control

Wrap belt distance: 1-50m digital automatic control

Spindle speed: 3500 rev / min, frequency control

Core touch clamping method: pneumatic chuck

Power: 1.5KW+0.75KW

Power supply: 380V/50Hz

Dimensions: length 3600mm* width 1300mm* height 1450mm

Equipment Description: The double-shaft horizontal winding machine is suitable for the winding of OPP belt of slender body, golf, trekking pole and ski pole, spindle stepless speed change design, automatic force control, constant belt distance control, and belt stop function. PLC control reduces equipment failure, greatly improves production efficiency, and ensures stable product quality. The surimi equipment manufacturer and high-strength composite material roller effectively reduce the inertia of the roller, and the manufacturer of automatic fishing equipment. , to a large extent, the unevenness of the OPP due to the imbalance of the rotation is reduced.

With two independent spindle and slide structure, it can be operated separately and separately, which can increase the production efficiency by nearly 2 times. It has the function of cross-belt with the body and the intersection, and the intersection is in a straight line.

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