Horizontal winding machine

Horizontal winding machine

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Usually referred to as a lathe type winding machine. The core film mold is horizontally mounted between the head and the tailstock of a similar lathe, the core mold rotates, and the winding head reciprocates along the axial direction of the core mold. By changing the speed of rotation and reciprocation, a circumferential winding and various spiral winding linear shapes can be obtained. The horizontal winding machine is mainly composed of a control system, a transmission system, a yarn supply and impregnation system, a supporting device and the like. According to the control mode, it can be divided into mechanical control type, hydraulic servo control type, digital program control type, computer control type and so on. Some of the Liao's arm feeding device, mandrel cycle acceleration device, wire head turning mechanism and so on. This kind of winding machine has strong versatility and is suitable for winding glass fiber reinforced plastic products such as various tubes and containers. Winding molding process products and applications. The winding forming process was started in the United States in 1947. At that time, compressed air bottles used to produce F-84 aircraft were widely used in aerospace, missiles, and underwater installations since the 1960s. The main products for civil use are composite winding pipes and storage tanks of various specifications.

Winding product features: reliability, high strength, high productivity, low material cost

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