Horizontal winding machine

Horizontal winding machine

Product Details

Main technical parameters

Maximum winding diameter: φ50mm

Maximum entanglement length: 2400mm

Wound ability: 3600-3800 sessions/shift

Tension control: manual tension control

Motor power: 0.75+0.75KW

Power supply: 380V/50Hz

Gas source: 0.4-0.6MPa

Dimensions: 3070 × 1100 × 1780mm

Horizontal winding machine manufacturer equipment introduction: Horizontal winding machine is based on the second generation of tape wrapping machine, the new generation of products independently developed by our factory is suitable for the thicker section OPP belt

The entanglement. It adopts high-performance permanent magnet synchronous motor, self-centering structure and precision transmission structure, which effectively improves the stability of mechanical transmission and ensures the uniformity of the belt distance. The company is the earliest manufacturer of fishing rod mold and equipment in China. One, with many years of production experience, has a large number of high-quality professionals, strong technical force, formed a one-stop service of independent research and development, careful design, processing and manufacturing, and post-service.

Among them, the company's independent research and development production line is in the advanced position in the industry, and can meet the production technical requirements of various carbon fiber pipe products in the industry. Our company can also design and manufacture special equipments according to different products and customers according to customer requirements, to meet customer production needs and satisfy customers. It is the preferred cooperation unit for fishing gear, golf clubs and various carbon fiber pipe manufacturers.

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