Dual fan curing oven

Dual fan curing oven

Product Details

Main technical parameters

Inner net height: 2000mm (can be customized)

Heating cycle mode: internal heating double fan double air duct, forced internal circulation

Temperature control: intelligent computer automatic temperature control, three-stage instrument temperature control (optional)

Fan power: 1.1KW

Heating power: 12KW

Power supply: 380V/50Hz

Dimensions: 1550 × 1550 × 2800mm

The working principle and characteristics of the curing furnace: This equipment is mainly suitable for the solidification of carbon rods, glass steel rods and golf clubs. His working principle is: heating the heating box in vitro, and entering the wind through the top of the furnace. The hot air is blown evenly through the cross ventilator. On the lower side of the furnace, through the wind adjustment window, one side directly returns to the wind box, and the other side returns to the outer bellows through the bottom of the furnace bottom to circulate. The furnace temperature can be adjusted automatically according to your own needs. Unique design and reasonable structure. It is the ideal equipment for curing. The furnace internal volume can be customized according to customer needs. The company is committed to promoting the development of carbon fiber products and working hard for social progress!

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