The process of making surimi by fishing rod equipment
- 2019-06-12-

First, cut the cloth into the size you need, heat the cut cloth to the mold with a soldering iron, and roll it on the coiling machine. If the multi-layer cloth is to be rolled several times.
Second, the rolled mold is placed on a horizontal wrapping machine for winding, and the wrapped mold is hung into the curing oven and baked.
3. After the curing oven is baked, the cured rod is taken out, and the mold is taken out on the core removing machine to the fish hair tube, and the Bopp belt on the fish hair is peeled off on the belting machine.
4. Cut the hair rod of the Bopp belt on the cutting machine for length cutting and remove the two ends. The cut rods are ground and polished on a water mill, and some of the rods need to be finely polished on the non-woven machine, and the head is finely ground on the refiner.
5. Grinding poles for lacquering. Pulling lacquers usually use lacquered boxes for lacquering. Pulling lacquered rods for assembly of parts, assembly may use epoxy glue. At this time, an epoxy machine is required. Assemble.

Maintenance of fishing rod equipment

The fishing rod equipment also needs maintenance. The equipment is regularly maintained to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. It can also extend the equipment usage time. Maintenance work can also reduce maintenance costs. So, how should the fishing rod equipment be maintained?

1. Prevent the rust of the fishing rod equipment. If the unclean fishing rod is sealed and sealed, it may cause the natural fading of plating and other accessories and the corrosion and rust of the metal fittings, resulting in loss of function of the guiding eye, wheel seat/tail bolt. Therefore, the salt, water and dirt must be wiped clean before sealing.

2, to prevent the fish carp equipment from paint stripping If the wet and dirty fish rafts are sealed and sealed, the sealed water may cause the fish carp to paint or blister. To prevent this phenomenon, the water should be thoroughly dried after use. Place the cockroaches in the air and let them dry completely, then seal them.

3, can not use gasoline, thinner, alcohol and other organic matter to scrub the fishing rod equipment.

4. When the fishing rod equipment is not used, it is necessary to inspect the equipment and repair or replace the defective parts in time. If it cannot be repaired, it should be reported to the relevant department immediately and record well. Do not use it for the time being.

5. In the process of using the fishing rod equipment, it is necessary to clean the debris around the equipment in time to avoid damage to the equipment.

How is the gill equipment prepreg material?

The surging equipment has the same material when the prepreg material is laminated, and there are also cases where different materials are laminated. How is the surging equipment prepreg the material?

In fact, the carbon fiber can be oriented in the axial direction or at an angle to the axial direction by the fishing rod device, so that the epoxy resin impregnated prepreg material is processed into a strip shape. It is also possible to orient the carbon fibers in the axial direction by a fishing rod device, thereby processing the epoxy resin impregnated prepreg material into a sheet shape. The weight layer is composed of a high specific gravity prepreg material having a large specific gravity, which is a so-called high specific gravity prepreg material.

The surimi equipment is pre-impregnated by the above method, which is a complicated process.

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