Advantage analysis of the coiling machine
- 2019-06-12-

There are several common methods of coiling machine rolling. The three-roller-rolling machine and the two-roller are separated (active roller), the upper part is the steel plate, and the top is the three rolls of the coiling machine (driven roller) When it is pressed, the steel plate is bent into a corresponding arc shape, and when rolled, the plate is pressed into a tube. For the continuous production of steel pipes, for small diameters, the coils are leveled and the plates are directly pressed into tubes with different rollers. The production speed can reach 1m/s, and there is a high-frequency welding machine on the production line. Automatic welding, cutter flat welding and flying knife block pipe, the products are all kinds of water pipes and straight seam welded pipes.

There are also many types of reeling machines. The most common reeling machines are spiral reel and flat reel.

Pipeline machine safety operation procedures

1. Check whether the rotating parts and electrical equipment of the machine meet the safety requirements before work. The lead wire of the gear and electric heat on the equipment should be safe and reliable, and the protective cover is intact;

2. The pressure block on the pressure beam should be firm and secure, and it is not allowed to move freely;

3. Ventilation equipment should be turned on at the beginning of work;

4. It is forbidden to wear gloves when rolling the tube to prevent the hand from being caught in the machine;

5. Wear protective gloves when moving the heat pipe;

6. When adding materials during work, the distance between the hand and the pressure roller should be far enough.

Advantage analysis of the coiler:

1. Computer PLC control with remote control port;

2, multi-point operation panel or digital remote control function, the operation is very convenient;

3, paper tube cutting machine [1] active cutting with a circular knife, the incision is more stable, the performance is more stable;

4, more than 80 function settings, arbitrarily set the machine operation;

5, stainless steel plastic basin, poly grease knife, high carbon steel rubber knife. Durable

The coiling machine is a numerical control system, so the programming of the upper computer is more important. According to the calculation model, the upper computer calculates the geometric parameters and process parameters of the input plate and the finished paper parameters, checks the number of feeds, and finally sends the calculation result to the lower machine. The lower position machine controls the movement of the motor and the hydraulic cylinder according to the control parameters of the upper computer, and realizes the action of the upper and lower rolls

The daily maintenance work of the coiler should not be underestimated.

Mechanical and hydraulic from the transmission.

The routine maintenance inspection of the coiler is important in order to extend its service life.

The coil is made according to the parameters delineated by the coiling machine. The thickness of the coil is 20mm, the maximum length is 2500mm, and the yield limit of the coil material is less than 250Mpa.

Strictly operate according to the coil processing procedure and handling method. When the upper roller is lifted to the extreme position, pay close attention to the safe operation of the equipment.

When lifting the steel plate or reel with a vehicle, be careful not to collide with the machine. The bending machine is a shaping machine that continuously bends the sheet. It has the functions of rolling O-shaped, U-shaped, multi-stage R and other different shapes. From the number of rolls, it is divided into a three-roller and a four-roller. Today, we will introduce you to the daily maintenance inspection of the coiling machine. I hope that our introduction will help you!

After the work of the coiling machine coil is completed, the completion of the completion of the site is cleared, and the power supply is closed in time.

During the operation, if irregular noise, impact, etc. are found to be abnormal, the coiler should immediately stop the inspection.

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