Introduction of carbon fiber prepreg equipment
- 2019-06-12-

Carbon fiber prepreg is a combination of epoxy resin and carbon fiber under high pressure and high temperature technology. A composite material made of a carbon fiber yarn, an epoxy resin, a release paper or the like, which is processed by a coating process, a hot press, a cooling, a film coating, a coiling process of a carbon fiber prepreg device , is called a carbon fiber prepreg, and Carbon fiber prepreg.

In the manufacturing process, the carbon fiber prepreg material is formed into a pre-dip material of a required unit size (g/m2) by a carbon fiber bundle through a coating machine, an impregnation machine, and a pressing process, and in detail, the carbon fiber is manufactured. The bundle forms a composite fabric having a shape that can be shaped and has a better structural strength. The carbon fiber bundle must first be subjected to a planar uniform sand expansion operation through an extension machine, and then uniformly coated with a resin on the upper and lower release paper (Resin). Coated Interleaf) through the roller, so that the carbon fiber bundle between the upper and lower release papers is impregnated with the resin, and finally cooled or dried, and the required unit size (g/m2) prepreg is integrally formed in a single direction. Material (Note: The unit specification includes the weight of carbon fiber yarn per square meter and the weight percentage of the resin layer per square meter.).

However, the physical and chemical properties of the unidirectional prepreg material made of the single direction grain are good, but the overall structure after forming the prepreg is flawed. As shown in the first figure, it can be clearly seen that The carbon fiber prepreg 5 after the carbon fiber prepreg is produced has a carbon fiber layer 51 and a resin layer 52 impregnated on the outer surface of the carbon fiber layer 51, and upper and lower release layers 53, 54 which are used by the product manufacturer for product molding. The shape is first cut into the required size, and then one of the release layers 53 (54) is torn open, attached to the pre-shaped product model, and then torn apart after the completion of the specific shaping process. The delamination layer 54 (53) may be used. However, since the resin layer 52 is only impregnated on the upper and lower surfaces of the carbon fiber layer 51, the resin layer 52 cannot be sufficiently impregnated into the interior of the carbon fiber prepreg material 5, in addition to making the overall structure stable, which also makes The internal structure of the carbon fiber prepreg material 5 cannot be reinforced, in other words, the carbon fiber prepreg material 5 is limited to the existing structure, and once a higher structural strength is required, only the same material or different type can be added. The material is used for the purpose, that is, the single-direction prepreg material made of the single direction grain needs to adjust the structural strength of the single direction prepreg substrate according to the mode of the single direction prepreg substrate application, so that the single direction The prepreg substrate has a strength of various requirements such as 100 gram/m2 (g/m2) or 160 gram/m2 (g/m2) for use in a variety of different applications, such as Manufacture of airplanes, cars, bicycle bodies, shells of 3C products, or golf clubs, badminton rackets or tennis rackets. However, in today's various products pay attention to the light and thin design requirements, the conventional carbon fiber prepreg material 5 will be laminated with the same material, not only the overall structure is thickened, the manufacturing cost is increased; and if combined with different materials (such as Metal sheets) may be caused by the difference in thermal expansion coefficient of different materials, which may cause the bonding surface to be affected by the environment, so that the bonding surface is loosened to affect the bonding strength, and even more, the mutual peeling phenomenon may occur. In short, it is difficult to meet the requirements of the required application and the thinning of the equipment for manufacturing the carbon fiber prepreg material, which has become a great problem for the related manufacturers in the processing process.

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