Introduction of carbon fiber molding equipment
- 2019-06-12-

The domestic thermoplastic carbon fiber composite molding process is mainly transplanted from thermosetting resin-based composite materials and metal forming technology. According to the different equipments, it can be divided into filament winding forming, vacuum bag forming, compression molding, autoclave forming, double film forming, etc., wherein fiber forming winding type, vacuum bag forming, compression molding, double film forming are currently used. More thermoplastic carbon fiber composite molding methods.

Carbon fiber molding equipment

The prepreg is cut to a suitable size and laid in a mold for heating and heating. After the temperature rises to a moldable temperature, it is pressurized on the press table, and the mold can be taken out after the temperature is lowered. At this point, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the surface of the press must have a high degree of parallelism and flatness, otherwise it will easily lead to warpage of the product.

In the general industrial field, there is an increasing demand for low-cost carbon fibers to produce carbon fiber molding equipment, among which the market potential is large in the fields of automobiles and energy. The carbon fiber industry chain mainly includes raw materials, raw silk, carbon fiber (including graphite fiber), carbon fiber composite materials (including semi-finished products such as prepreg), and carbon fiber composite parts preparation. The carbon fiber-related production equipment is mainly in two aspects, carbon fiber molding equipment, on the one hand, the production equipment of carbon fiber raw silk, and on the other hand, the carbon fiber raw yarn is pressed into a composite material and a forming component of the final part.

Effect of Molding Temperature Control on Carbon Fiber Forming Process

There are three common processes for carbon fiber molding equipment: carbon fiber compression molding, vacuum autoclave molding, and fiber winding molding, while carbon fiber molding is the most widely used. Molding temperature refers to carbon fiber materials during molding, according to process requirements. The reached mold temperature has a decisive influence on the melting and flow of the carbon fiber material and the crosslinking reaction speed of the resin, which directly determines the quality of the carbon fiber product.

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