Fishing rod equipment wrapping machine common problems and solutions
- 2019-06-12-

In the fishing rod equipment, the common wrapping machine can be divided into a horizontal wrapping machine and a horizontal vertical winding machine, which are mainly used for wrapping work. In the market, there are many models of the tape wrapping machine, which are suitable for different occasions:
1. DWC-D type double spindle is wrapped around. It has two sets of chucks and rollers that can be independently controlled. It can be wrapped around the two heads repeatedly on the same equipment, saving time and improving production efficiency.
2, DWC-2 long roller horizontal winding machine, suitable for the production of slender fishing rod, long roller can better support the mold, stable.
3, DWC-3 short roller horizontal winding machine, suitable for the production of shorter fishing rods, and can be installed at the end of the equipment.
The use of the slinger fishing rod device greatly shortens the production schedule, and the tension control makes the product quality stable.

Fishing rod equipment wrapping machine common problems and solutions

In the use of the wrap machine in the fishing rod device, due to improper use or other factors, the following problems and solutions may be introduced.

1. After starting, the tape winding action will stop after running for a while. It is necessary to check whether the tension sensor is loose. If the sensor is not loose, use an OPP tape to wrap around the sensor to see if the touch display changes with the tension. If the tension is displayed If it doesn't match the actual situation, you need to recalibrate the tension.

2. The horizontal winding machine has a spindle rotation, but the vehicle does not go.

a. It may be that the insurance is broken, and the fuse is replaced. The equipment produced by our company has a good circuit protection mechanism. When the voltage is unstable, the circuit protection mechanism will protect the equipment and electrical equipment from damage.

b. If it is a little while driving, it will stop. Generally, the setting time of the power-off parking is too short, or the BOPP belt is not pulled tightly at the beginning. The system does not detect the pulling force and automatically executes the broken belt parking command. The solution is to The power-off parking is set to 1.5 seconds, and the BOPP belt is initially tightened.

3. If the spindle and the slide are not reflected after pressing and starting, you need to check the electrical box first, if there is a red light, it may be burnt out, replace the insurance. This situation is mainly caused by voltage instability, current and voltage overload, will damage the electrical components of the equipment, so in areas where the voltage is not stable, it is recommended to install a transformer to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

4. After the start, the equipment is reflected, the slide is running normally, but the spindle does not rotate. Most of the problems occur because the bearing in the spindle is lack of oil, which requires the manufacturer to pay more attention to the spindle during routine maintenance. oiling. If the spindle does not move, only the bearings in the spindle are replaced, so daily maintenance is very important.

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