The basic process of painting equipment manufacturers in painting
- 2019-06-12-

In order to achieve the desired effect of the product, the product will be painted, and the painting process is an important step in the production process of the fishing gear equipment manufacturer . The basic coating process knowledge of the fishing gear equipment is described below.

Generally speaking, the pre-painting work of the fishing gear equipment is to improve the quality of the painting during the post-treatment. In fact, the basic painting process of the fishing gear equipment is divided into two parts: front and rear treatment. Pre-coating treatment mainly includes degreasing, water washing, surface conditioning and phosphating. If you want the surface layer of the product to have a better effect, you can also consider adding an electrophoresis process, but the cost of this process is very high and not acceptable to all consumers.

The high-coating process of the fishing gear equipment requires two processes of painting and paint drying. The process of painting can be replaced by electroplating or dusting.

The cutting machine has high cutting precision, low loss, multi-material cutting, and high cost performance. However, the use of the cutting machine does have strict requirements. The following describes the regulations and precautions for the cutting machine:
1. After the mechanical operation is normal, the material can be cut off. The distance between the hand and the knife edge is not less than 375px. The movable blade is forwarded and the feeding is strictly prohibited.
2. The cutting material shall not exceed the load capacity of the machine. When cutting special steel bars such as alloy steel, high hardness blades shall be used.
3, when cutting long steel bars should be lifted, the action is consistent. Cut the short bars and apply the casing or pliers to the material and do not use it for direct feeding.
4. There should be a discharge table next to the cutting machine. It is strictly forbidden to directly use the short head and debris near the knife edge during mechanical operation. The operator must not stay in the swing range of the steel bar and near the knife edge.
The above are the rules and precautions for the use of the cutting machine. In order to ensure the safety of the operators and the personnel in the vicinity of the machine, it is necessary to strictly require the employees and must use them in accordance with the operating regulations.

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