Grinding machine shifting control method for fishing rod equipment
- 2019-06-12-

The grinding machine shift control method of the fishing rod equipment has three stages of grinding, namely, the beginning stage, the formal stage and the ending stage. At the beginning stage, the grinding tool is rotated at a constant speed, the official stage grinding wheel rotates at a constant speed, and the end stage grinding tool rotates at a reduced speed. The utility model is characterized in that, at the beginning of the grinding process, the acceleration of artificially controlling the rotation speed of the grinding tool increases from zero to fast, and when the rotation speed of the grinding tool rises to half of the official grinding speed, an inflection point occurs in the change of the acceleration, and the grinding tool is controlled. The acceleration of the rotational speed decreases from large to fast until the grinding speed reaches the official grinding speed, and the acceleration of the grinding speed decreases to zero. By using this feature of fixed abrasive grinding, according to the relative motion trajectory density distribution between the workpiece grinders, the abrasive density distribution on the abrasive tool can be reasonably designed so that the wear of the abrasive tool during the grinding process does not affect the accuracy of the abrasive surface. , thereby significantly improving the surface accuracy of the workpiece and avoiding the trouble of dressing the grinding tool. In planar fixed abrasive grinding, the rotational motion of the abrasive tool is the main motion, and the motion of the workpiece is the auxiliary motion. In most cases, the workpiece is floating against the abrasive tool and its motion is unknown. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the force of the workpiece to determine its stress state and motion law. Take the workpiece as the separation body of the whole grinding system, establish the differential equation of the force balance of the workpiece, and solve the equation to get the motion law of the workpiece. The main machine of the grinder is driven by a variable speed motor, equipped with a high-power deceleration system, soft start and soft stop, and the operation is stable. Through the upper and lower grinding discs, the grinding machine sun wheel and the star wheel, four directions and speeds are coordinated to achieve the high-efficiency operation of simultaneous grinding of the upper and lower surfaces. The lower grinding disc can be raised and lowered to facilitate loading and unloading of workpieces. Pneumatic sun gear changing device precisely controls the grinding accuracy and speed of both sides of the workpiece. It is equipped with a correction wheel for correcting the parallel error of the upper and lower grinding discs. The grinding basket mill inherits the characteristics of the two processes of the basket mill dispersing and grinding in one machine and one process, and can also be used as a dispersing machine alone (when the dispersing disc is in the working position and the grinding basket is not lowered) . For materials that need to be ground, the function of first dispersing and grinding can be realized (when the grinding basket is lowered to the working position, the material can be efficiently polished).

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