Fishing gear equipment manufacturer brief introduction to three-roll bending machine
- 2019-06-12-

The coiler of the fishing gear equipment manufacturer is a kind of equipment that utilizes the work roll bending plate and is an important processing equipment. When the coiler is working, the work rolls are moved by external forces such as hydraulic pressure and mechanical force to bend or roll the sheet. According to the rotation movement and position change of the work rolls of different shapes, it is possible to process parts such as elliptical parts, arc pieces, and cylindrical parts.

1. Symmetrical three-roll bending machine

Symmetrical arrangement. The upper roller can be moved up and down, the center distance of the lower roller is fixed, and there is a straight line at both ends of the plate, that is, the remaining ruler, the length of which is about half of the center distance of the two lower rollers. Prior to bending, cylindrical parts require special equipment and molds to pre-bend the ends of the plates.

2. Asymmetric three-roller roll

The work rolls are characterized by structural asymmetry. The vertical surface formed by the lower work roll axis has a smaller offset distance from the vertical surface formed by the upper work roll axis, and the lower work roll can be vertically raised and lowered. The upper and lower work rolls are active rolls, and the work rolls on both sides are passive rolls. They can be tilted down the rail surface at an angle to the vertical plane. When working, the front and rear plate ends of the upper and lower rolls are very short, and the remaining rulers are only twice the thickness of the nominal roll. It can almost completely bend the end of the board without the need for other pre-bending methods. In addition, the work roll allows for a large bending deformation and a high bending efficiency.

3. Lower adjustment three-roll bending machine

The vertical down and tilt down adjustments are similar in type to the three-roller. The fixed rotation of the upper roller is different from the fixed rotation of the lower roller. One is vertical and the other is tilting.

The under-arc adjustment three-roll bending machine is a new type of bending machine that integrates vertical downward adjustment and oblique downward adjustment. The upper roller is only used for rotation.

The upper roller of the three-roller reeling machine can be raised and lowered horizontally, and the two lower rollers can be moved horizontally separately or simultaneously, and the three work rolls are all active rollers. The adjustable stroke of the two lower rolls is larger. During the bending process, each of the lower rollers performs the functions of the lower roller and the side roller in sequence. That is, two asymmetric three-roll mills are formed one after another. All bending work can be done by loading and unloading the workpiece at one time, including the front and rear limits.

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