The heating method of the fishing equipment manufacturer in the curing furnace
- 2019-06-12-

The curing furnace of the surimi equipment manufacturer is a production process for heating parts, resin curing and drying to enhance the stress of material bonding, and to implement a curing container. There are two main ways in which the curing oven heats the parts. The following two specific heating methods are introduced:
1, electric heating method
The electric heating method includes electric furnace wire heating, infrared plate heating, infrared tube heating, infrared furnace heating and induction heating. In the electric heating type hot blast stove, in order to make the temperature distribution in the furnace uniform, a blower is generally provided to perform the blast circulation. In the infrared furnace, part of the electric energy is directly converted into heat energy and transmitted to the workpiece in a convection manner, and a part of the infrared energy can be transmitted to the workpiece by radiation. The ratio of the thermal energy of the infrared heating element of different structures to the point of the radiant energy is different. The object to be coated by the powder is heated by the infrared radiation from the inside, and is heated by the external heat, so the temperature rises faster. However, due to the uneven temperature distribution in such baking ovens, the farther the distance from the heat source is, the lower the temperature is, and when the size and shape of the object are different, the heat is different in different parts, so the baking curing effect is obviously different, resulting in The film is not cured uniformly. This kind of baking oven is only suitable for baking in a flat plate shape or a simple drum-shaped coated object which can be rotated in a baking oven, and is not suitable for baking of a complicated shape workpiece.
2, hot air baking oven
It includes a baking oven that is baked with hot air generated by burning gas, natural gas, oil, and coal. The advantage of the hot air baking oven is that the temperature distribution in the furnace is relatively uniform, the temperature is easy to control, and it is suitable for baking of the coated objects of various shapes and sizes. However, since the heat transfer effect of the hot air is performed from the surface to the inside, the coating film is formed from the surface and the inside. The coated object is slower. In addition, the combustion residue in the hot blast stove and the dust in the air easily contaminate the coating film.

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