Maintenance of fishing rod equipment needs to pay attention to those matters
- 2019-06-12-

The maintenance of the fishing rod equipment should be the daily work of the fishermen. Good maintenance of the fish gill can prevent skin scratches, cracking or falling off of the paint surface, prevent the fish from aging and deterioration, and prolong the life of the fish gill. In addition, the maintenance of the fishing rod is also a pleasure for fishermen. The so-called maintenance is timely protection and proper maintenance. From the new pole to the hand to the use of each pole, the maintenance work of the pole has been ongoing. Now I will introduce some things to note in the maintenance of the pole:

When fishing, remove the sheath and pull it straight out of the jacket. Torque and forceful twisting can cause the tail joint to break and the rod to be damaged. When starting the fishing rod, the front and rear travellers should be aligned, otherwise the main screw or tail end will break. Do not roll on the twisted main line to prevent the pole from breaking. According to the use requirements of the rod, configure the pendant as much as possible to avoid overloading the tail joint. In the process of salvage, if the underhang occurs, the salvage rod should not be too hard and hollowed out. Most of the consequences are that the fishing rod is broken. When fishing in sand, care should be taken to prevent sand from entering the joints and fishing boats and to support them with poles or other objects. To prevent too much excitement when fishing big fish, work hard with big fish, otherwise there will be regrets of broken rods and running fish. In the process of fishing on the coast, when it is necessary to change the fishing rod, it is necessary to reduce the fishing rod, climb the mountain, pass the water, cross the forest, and prevent the fish from breaking. When you start using it, remember not to shake it rather than stretch it, otherwise it will cause "death." When fishing on the shore and on board, you must pay attention before and after the throwing to prevent injury and objects.

The second method is to use a clean soft towel (not a wet towel) after the rod is used, because the water in the rod will corrode the paint of the rod, causing the paint to peel off and bubbles, so you need to wipe it off with a towel after going home. Dry in a cool place and seal with a special pole bag. If it is not useful at home for a long time, it is recommended to take it out regularly and apply lubricating oil (or mechanical oil) to the contracted part of the rod. Must be stored in a dry place.

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