carbon fiber prepreg equipment molding process
- 2019-07-17-

Carbon prepreg equipment The basic process is to place a quantity of pretreated molding material into a preheated mold and apply a high pressure to fill the molding material with the molding cavity. Under a certain pressure and temperature, the molding material is gradually solidified, and then the product is taken out from the mold, and then necessary auxiliary processing is performed to obtain a product.

Preparation before suppression

(1) Calculation of loading capacity

In order to ensure the accuracy of the geometrical dimensions of the product during the molding process, prevent material shortage Or the material loss is too large and waste, ensuring the estimation of the loading of molded products of different sizes. Commonly used estimation methods are:

1) A simple estimation method for shapes and sizes simplifies complex shape products into a series of simple standard shapes and estimates the load.

2) The density of the molded article is compared with the density of the corresponding product by the density comparison method, and if the weight of the corresponding product is known, the loading amount of the molded article can be estimated.

3) Injection comparison method. In the mold mold, the product is injection molded with an injection molding material such as resin or paraffin, and then the amount of the product is calculated based on the density, weight and density of the injection molded material.

(2) Brushing of release agent

In the molding process, in addition to the use of the internal release agent, the external release agent is also applied to the surface of the cavity, and commonly used Oleic acid, paraffin, stearic acid, zinc stearate, silicone oil, silicone grease and silicone rubber. Under the premise of meeting the demoulding requirements, the amount of release agent should be as small as possible, and the paint should be even. In general, phenolic molding compounds are mostly used in combination with organic oil, oleic acid, stearic acid and other release agents. Epoxy or epoxy phenolic molding compounds are used together with silicone grease and silicone oil release agent. Polyester molding compound More with release agents such as zinc stearate and silicone grease.

(3) Pre-compression

A loose powder or fiber molding material is pre-compressed into a dense solid of a certain weight and shape by cold pressing. Pre-pressing operations can increase production efficiency, labor conditions and product quality.

(4) Preheating

Heating the molding material before pressing to remove volatiles such as moisture, which can improve the curing rate, shorten the pressing cycle, and improve the uniformity of product curing. Improve the physical and mechanical properties of the product and improve the fluidity of the mold.

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