Features of carbon fiber molding equipment
- 2019-07-12-

How to mechanically distribute temperature, pressure and Time

The process of carbon fiber molding equipment is divided into three stages: the flow stage, the gelation stage and the hardening stage. The first two stages determine the fluidity and flow time of the molding material, which is the premise of ensuring the quality of the molding. The next stage is the key to mastering the deformation of the product.

About temperature:

Forming temperature control mainly refers to the selection of molding temperature, heating rate, molding curing temperature and holding time. Mold temperature: refers to the temperature of the mold when the material is placed in the cavity. It mainly depends on the type of material and the quality index of the molding material. Generally, when the volatile content of the molding material is high and the content of the insoluble resin is low, the molding temperature is low. When it is difficult to assemble a complex or large molded product, the molding temperature is lowered to control the molding at room temperature. Increasing the mold temperature can shorten the production cycle and increase production efficiency. The temperature depends on the type of material.

About pressure:

Forming pressure is the pressure on the horizontal projection surface and unit area of the product. The amount of forming pressure also depends on the type of material and is related to the structural shape of the product and the structural form of the mold. For example, the molding pressure of the phenolic molding compound is generally 30-50 MPa (300-500 kg/cm 2 ), and the molding pressure of the epoxy phenolic molding compound is 5-30 MPa (50-300 kg/cm 2 ). For products with complex structures and large wall thickness, the molding pressure should be appropriately increased.

The role of molding pressure is to overcome the vapor pressure generated by volatiles in the material, to avoid defects such as product gas saturation, delamination, loose structure, and at the same time increase the fluidity of the material and facilitate the filling of materials at each corner. The mold cavity makes the product compact and improves mechanical strength.

However, when pressurization is an important issue in the molding process. The correct choice of pressure timing will directly affect the quality of the product. The pressure is too early, the degree of resin curing cross-linking reaction is low, the material fluidity is high, the material loss is serious under pressure, the resin polymerization or partial gelation is easy to occur in the molded product, the fiber is exposed; and the pressure is too late, the resin is cured. The degree of G is large, the material has poor fluidity, and it is not easy to fill the mold, which is not ideal. product.

About time:

The forming process time is divided into leveling time and leveling time, which is determined by product size and suitability (usually 3-20 minutes of leveling temperature). The curing time also needs to be determined based on the size and ease of use of the resin system product.

Summary: Temperature, time and pressure are important for carbon fiber forming. However, they can be automated in advanced carbon fiber forming equipment.

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