How to choose homemade fishing equipment floating paint
- 2019-07-12-
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The types of fish equipment are: primer, paint, topcoat, floating tail paint

1. Primer: I have repaired the two components of the car. Varnish (should be baked, but not baked or used). As for the brand, the effect is similar. However, the fluidity of the new bottle paint is better than that of the long-lasting bottle paint. Different brands of curing agents are the same (for my painter, I am the same now). When used, it was previously thought that the curing agent should be added in the same amount as the paint, but it is actually different. The curing agent can be added in much less amount than the paint. From the bottle I got, the amount of paint should be one liter. A group may cost more than one hundred yuan. If you want to find a small amount of money, you can only go to the garage to find an acquaintance or spend money to buy. I also used polyester lacquer for early bleaching. Later, it was found to be too hard, not very elastic, and easy to crack and not used. At the same time, I also look around for suitable paint. For a while, I bleached and even replaced the paint with epoxy universal glue. Later, I saw some introductions on the Internet that can use automotive paint. When I asked the students in the auto repair shop, I found that the effect was very good, the gloss was very good, and the elasticity was very good (painted with peacock feather paint). It can be bent to a large extent. The film has good hardness and long use time. No cracking is found. The water absorption has not been specially tested, but it should be used from the water absorption rate. This paint is very suitable for bleaching paints. Of course, this does not mean that automotive paints have no disadvantages. It is said to have a slightly larger proportion. When used at home, its thinner (I use phenylidene-free water) Toxic, smells bad, paint is my face mask with exhaust fan, when the weather is hot, don't mention how uncomfortable.

2. Paint: Model paint, nail polish, oil painting or other pigments are added to the varnish for simulation until the model, varnish, pen and pen (for writing) are reached. I am "painting". The 0.3 pen is used to "paint" the word, on the polishing float. It cannot be rubbed with a brush, and sometimes the added diluent will also dissolve. When painting, you can apply a lot of paint on it with a very soft watercolor pen and gently paint it off. First, you can cover it with a thin layer of 502.

3. Topcoat: The same primer.

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