Main raw materials for fishing rod equipment
- 2019-07-05-

Carbon made from fishing rod equipment The fishing rod is made of carbon fiber prepreg and is mainly made of high-tech carbon-sized material. It has a certain conductivity and excellent strength and tensile strength. At present, carbon fiber fishing rods are mostly made of impregnated resin-cured, shuttleless woven carbon fiber longitudinal tubes.

The amount of carbon fiber used in the production of surimi directly determines the value of the surimi itself and the good quality of the surimi. In general, the fish meal has a carbon content of between 30% and 90%. Carbon fiber fishing rods have the characteristics of light weight, firmness and high tensile strength, but special attention should be paid to electricity protection when using. After all, the raw material carbon fiber impregnated cloth used in the surimi has good electrical conductivity.

Introduced a glass fiber prepreg fishing rod, also known as fiberglass rod and fiberglass resin rod. It mainly adopts glass fiber satin cloth, which is treated with epoxy resin, formaldehyde resin and high temperature curing. It has good toughness and elasticity. The production of fish gill equipment is mainly made up of modern synthetic materials. The factory mechanized mass production of the first generation products.

Glass fiber fishing rods have good insulation properties. The rods are yellow and brown and are coated after application. At present, the fish gill produced in China and some countries and regions has added carbon black powder to the bath resin solution. On the one hand, they are made of carbon fiber cloth to obtain the same color. On the other hand, some manufacturers use dyed black fiberglass cloth as carbon fiber or carbon-containing fishing rods.

The above are the raw materials needed to produce carbon fishing rods. We know the characteristics and characteristics of this raw material. Of course, if you have other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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