What are the operating procedures of the reel machine
- 2019-07-05-
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 The operation process of the coiler is as follows

1. Machine maintenance and precautions: Check the oil level of the main unit reducer every day. Check the silicone rod for damage based on the paper position. Replace the silicone rods up and down.

Check for any debris in the tank to avoid clogging the line and the fuel injection pump. At this point, roll the handwheel to tighten the belt.

Put the belt according to the packaging of the belt and check if the cutting blade is damaged. Before scraping the paper, apply glue to the hand to increase lubrication and avoid excessive paper tension, resulting in paper breakage.

2. Place the appropriate amount of paper on the paper tray, depending on the desired paper tube thickness. The oil-water separator should be checked daily for lack of oil and replaced every 7 days.

3. The height and feed amount of the cutting table are adjusted according to the diameter of the paper tube produced, and the position of the photoelectric switch is adjusted according to the length of the paper tube for length measurement. The fuel injection pump should be cleaned to see if there is any impurities in the pump body. The feed rate is controlled by adjusting the throttle valve in front of the cylinder. Before heating, check if the heated water is added to the proper location. The belt should be cleaned once a day. If it is damaged, it should be replaced in time. Doing so can damage the surface of the paper.

4. After completing all the paper, check the length and thickness of the paper to make adjustments. If you need to heat the glue, you should heat the glue tank in advance.

5. Paper enters the main unit through the shelf of the main unit. Prior to this, the base paper was wound around the mold shaft. If the paper tube is not evenly cut, it can be done by adjusting the bolts on the cutting table. Pipe Rolling Machine Operation Process

6. Add lubricant to the machine power supply, machine tool screw and guide rail.

7. In the production process, always pay attention to the glue, check whether the paper tube is suitable, and whether there are paper defects. As the paper passes over the belt, wind up the belt and tighten the handwheel to tension the belt. Change every six months.

8Check the scraper rod every day and replace it if it is damaged.

9. The paper enters the gumming section and the scraping section through the paper feed section of the glue tank. Note the consistency of the paper before and after the position. The cutter slowly enters the saw and returns quickly.

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