Gantry coiling machine

Gantry coiling machine

Product Details

Main technical parameters

Number of cylinders under pressure: double cylinder pressure

Lower plate transmission mode: ball screw drive frequency conversion round-trip speed regulation

Roll length setting: computer programming control, roller encoder measurement

Maximum coil length: 3000mm (can be customized)

Maximum coil diameter: φ100 (can be customized)

Working ability: 1500 sessions / class

Power supply: 380V/50Hz

Power: motor 1.1KW + heating 3KW

Gas source: 0.4-0.6MPa

Dimensions: 3800 × 1600 × 2550mm

Uses: The gantry coiling machine is often used for rolling glass fiber tubes and carbon fiber tubes with large diameter and long length. The upper plate is pressed by double cylinders, and the lower plate is driven by ball screw. The rolling effect is even and compact.

A must-have for all kinds of pipes. Main features: The equipment has the characteristics of uniform heating of the lower plate, stable stroke and speed of the coiled tubing. After the optimization of the pneumatic system, the pressure and speed of the upper plate can be more accurately controlled. The Guangdong coiling device and the lower plate can be rotated and translated in two directions. With imported brand linear guides, it runs smoothly, without noise, and is durable.

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