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Maintenance precautions for fishing rod equipment
- 2019-06-06-

The maintenance of the fishing rod equipment is to better protect the fishing rod equipment, improve its durability and avoid damage. Therefore, the maintenance of the fishing rod equipment is indispensable. Here is a brief introduction to the maintenance method of the fishing rod equipment.
1. Prevent fishing rod equipment from rusting
If the unclean fish is sealed and sealed, it may cause natural fading of plating, other accessories, and corrosion and rust of metal fittings, resulting in loss of function of the guide hole, wheel seat/tail bolt. Therefore, the salt, water and dirt must be wiped clean before sealing.
2, to prevent fish picking equipment from stripping
If the wet and dirty fishing rods are sealed and sealed, the sealed water may cause the fishing rods to be stripped or foamed. To prevent this, the water should be thoroughly dried after use, and the cockroaches should be completely ventilated. And then archived.
3, can not use gasoline, thinner, alcohol and other organic matter to scrub the fishing rod.
The correct maintenance method can protect it, so everyone should master the correct maintenance method to protect the fishing equipment.

When you do not use the fishing rod equipment, you need to put the equipment into stock, but there are certain requirements for the storage environment, etc. Let's take a look at it.
1. Before long-term storage, the machinery must be repaired, repaired and damaged, and thoroughly cleaned to maintain a good technical state.
Second, the mechanical fuel control lever should be placed in the idle position, and each joystick should be placed in the neutral position.
3. Once the fishing rod equipment is confirmed to be stored, it should be parked in a dry room.
4. The arrangement and arrangement of the fishing rod equipment at the airport stop shall ensure that the entry and exit of any one machine is not affected by other machinery.
The above is the storage requirements of the fishing rod equipment, and also note that the equipment can not be placed on the equipment to compress the machine, which will destroy some parts of the equipment. It should also be noted that before the next use, the equipment must be inspected and maintained, and it can be used if it is correct.

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