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Thinking on the development direction of fishing gear equipment manufacturers
- 2019-06-06-

At present, the competition of fishing gear equipment manufacturers is described as "cruel". At the same time, fishing gear equipment manufacturers are also facing a severe situation of raw material prices "suddenly rising" and fierce "killing prices". In this case, how can you defeat the opponent and be invincible? The long-term goals and supporting development plans of the company are very important.

In the long run, it can be said that the development of fishing gear manufacturing in Weihai and even China is a replica of South Korea: after prosperity, it will surely decline, and only a small part will maintain the market balance. Different development goals determine different development strategies: short-term survival targets will go to the mall with price cuts and large-scale shipments. In order to develop in the long run, or even to build a "hundred-year enterprise", we must use technology, quality, brand and service as the decisive rule! !

From the current development trend, customers' requirements for product quality are getting higher and higher, while prices are lower. Therefore, only when the quality meets the requirements and the price is reasonable, it is better to survive. If you have a strong place, you must have your own long-term (advantageous project), a fist product.

Compare the gaps between us and the high level one by one from various aspects, analyze the reasons, and find ways to improve. Focusing on the key points, we must constantly establish technical research projects, and sum up experience and improve production processes. At present, the technology is changing with each passing day, and the technical level of the industry is not only improved, so we must keep up with the pace of technological development and learn and research new knowledge, new The process, through its own improvement, drives the improvement of the whole factory level. It is conceivable that if the core of the enterprise no longer learns new knowledge, no longer improves its own business level, but is satisfied with the status quo, it is bound to be eliminated by fierce competition.

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