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Structure introduction and maintenance care of fishing gear equipment manufacturers
- 2019-06-06-

Our familiar fishing gear equipment manufacturers mainly include vertical winding machines, precision coiling machines, etc. Different products have different functions when they are used, so it is necessary to understand the structure of fishing gear equipment.
The main structure of the fishing gear equipment mainly includes an upper roller device and a pressing device, a lower roller device, a main transmission device, a tipping device, a left and right side frame and a base composition. The upper roller device is powered by the secondary motor, and the torque is mechanically transmitted through the reducer, the worm gear, and the screw nut to drive the upper roller to move up and down. The lower roller is a driving roller, which passes through the main transmission output gear, the lower roller open gear, and the transmission torque lower roller. The main transmission consists of a main motor, a gear reducer, and a brake. The tipping device is composed of a header frame, a latch, and the like. The left and right side frames and base are welded steel plates, and the vibration is aging after welding.

Fishing gear equipment is divided into many types, and the spring machine is an indispensable equipment in the fishing gear equipment. Therefore, the maintenance and maintenance measures should be taken during normal use and idle time. Here is a brief introduction on how to use the fishing gear. Equipment for maintenance and repair.
1. The insulation grade of the reed machine is group B, and the allowable temperature is 95K. Therefore, the temperature is not more than 95 degrees Celsius during operation.
2, the front wheel baffle, the operator should stand on the side of the grinding wheel, in order to prevent the grinding wheel from flying and hurting people.
3. Before replacing the new grinding wheel, carefully check whether the safety line speed of the new grinding wheel is consistent with the specifications of the manual. If it is lower than the regulations, it should not be used.
4, the working shop of the spring machine should be kept dry and ventilated, and can not be stored in the tide or chemical with serious acid and alkali.
5, correctly install and tighten the grinding wheel, the correct choice of grinding wheel adhesive. After replacing the grinding wheel, it is important to check that the grinding wheel is completely set on the taper. The spring machine was run for 5 minutes without load and the balance was balanced with a grinding wheel. When the grinding wheel is running, the sound should be balanced and light, and the vibration should not be too large. When the test is running, it should be adjusted.

The above is about the maintenance and maintenance of the fishing gear equipment, the correct maintenance method can protect the equipment, and it can also play a role in extending the equipment usage time.

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