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Dipping machine composition and matching
- 2019-06-06-

Immersion machine, English name (Impregnation line) Commonly known as, impregnation machine, melamine paper impregnator, dipping line, dipping line, belongs to the secondary processing equipment of artificial board. The equipment is suitable for the laminate board, balance paper and wear-resistant paper for wood-based panel industry; decorative paper for furniture; facial paper and core paper for fireproof board, impregnated and coated with melamine glue and its modified glue and urea-formaldehyde resin. The building formwork is dried by impregnation with phenolic film paper.

Dipping machine component


Standard configuration:

Unwinder (parallel or unwinding type) unwinder non-stop type

One dipping machine pramiry impregnation station

One drying zone (2 and 3 sections, cylinder opening and manual doors)) 1st dryer oven

Primary cooling zone 1st step cooling

Secondary coating machine 2nd coating machine

Secondary drying zone (4 or 5 knots, cylinder open and manual door) 2nd dryer oven

Secondary cooling zone 2nd step cooling

Corrector Web Alinger

Water-cooled tractor Towing machine with water cooling

High Precision Cutting Machine High-Precision Cutter Machine

Conveyor station Deliver Platform

Stacking system Auto Stacker system

Dipping machine matching


Liquid corundum (AL2O3) coater Al2O3 coating device

Lacquering unit

Rewinder Winder

Cutting Symbol tracing device

Auto Scraper device automatic scraping system automatic dispensing system

Operating system of compounding glue

Vertical dipping machine for dipping machine

The vertical dipping machine is mainly composed of a paper roll frame, a dipping tank, a drying box, a conveyor belt and a cutting table. The paper roll is placed on the paper roll holder. The original paper is driven by the shaft of the canvas conveyor. The paper roll is rotated by the flat belt. The original paper is dipped through the glue tank. The steering roller on the glue tank scrapes off the excess glue, and the adhesive paper rises. , through the drying box (heat sink drying), sent by the canvas conveyor to cut. Due to changes in the temperature of the heat sink and changes in the amount of dipping, the cone-type continuously variable transmission can be adjusted to achieve the desired drying conditions.

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