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Fishing gear equipment coiling machine safety operation points
- 2019-06-06-

The fishing gear equipment coiling machine is an indispensable fishing gear production equipment. In order to better use the coiling machine, the following describes its operational requirements.
1. Check whether the rotating parts and electrical equipment of the machine meet the safety requirements before work. The lead wire end of the gear and electric heat on the equipment should be safe and reliable, and the protective cover is intact;
2. The pressure block on the pressure beam should be firm and reliable, and it is not allowed to move freely;
3. At the beginning of the work, the rolling machine should be opened to open the ventilation equipment;
4. It is forbidden to wear gloves when rolling the tube to prevent the hand from being caught in the machine;
5. Wear protective gloves when moving the heat pipe;
6. When adding materials in the work, the distance between the hand and the pressure roller should be far enough.

Large-scale processing coiler applications, such as the automotive industry, air conditioning industry, bicycle industry, electric vehicle industry, fitness equipment, auto parts, motorcycle manufacturing, pipe fittings processing, bathroom equipment, steel furniture, baby carriage, ship , sporting goods, petrochemical, leisure products, pipe, pipe profiles and other industries.
Here are some of the characteristics of the large processing coiler, let me know!
1, with a counter function, to reflect the number of processing at any time.
2, with manual or semi-automatic and fully automatic operation, to facilitate the bending of different pipe fittings.
3, using touch screen and PLC control system program control, advanced technology and stable performance. You can also choose to display machine functions, messages and program settings in Chinese or English.
4, change the mold groove shape, can process a variety of metal profiles, such as angle steel, flat steel, channel steel, H-shaped steel, round pipe, square tube and other profiled sections.
5. The bending setting data can be saved in the system and used at any time.
6. The curvature adjustment range adopts a grating ruler, which can set the two sticks to adjust the curvature at the same time, and can also adjust the single stick adjustment method, which is simple and convenient.
The large-scale processing coiler is driven by three sticks at the same time, and the driving method is a hydraulic motor. The curvature adjustment drive uses a hydraulic cylinder for stable operation.

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