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Carbon fiber coiling equipment molding process and application
- 2019-06-06-

Carbon fiber (CF) is a fibrous carbon material. It is processed by a fully automatic carbon fiber coiling equipment with a carbon content of more than 90%. It is produced by carbonizing various organic fibers in an inert gas at a high temperature. Has very good mechanical properties. Especially in the high-temperature inert environment above 2000 °C, the manufacturer of fully automatic carbon fiber coiling equipment is a material that does not decrease in strength. As a new material in the 21st century, carbon fiber and carbon fiber reinforced composites (CFRP) have high strength, high modulus of elasticity and low specific gravity, which are widely used in automobiles, both in the appearance of vehicles and in the engine compartment. The appearance of carbon fiber can be seen in the gas collection box, the interior door panel or the fascia. Experts pointed out that Guangdong's fully automatic carbon fiber coiling equipment will cause revolutionary changes in the automotive industry in the next five years.

Carbon fiber coil winding forming process

The carbon fiber coil forming process is a composite product forming method in which a carbon fiber prepreg is hot-rolled on a coiler.

The principle is to use a hot roll on the coiler to soften the prepreg and melt the resin adhesive on the prepreg. Under a certain tension, during the rotation operation of the roller, the prepreg is continuously wound onto the die by the friction between the roller and the mandrel until the required thickness, and then cooled and cooled by the chill roll to form the winding. The machine was taken out and solidified in a curing oven. After the tube is cured, the core model is removed, and the composite wound tube can be obtained. According to the feeding method of the prepreg in the molding process, it can be divided into a manual feeding method and a continuous mechanical method. The basic process is: first, clean the roller, then heat the roller to the set temperature to adjust the prepreg tension. No pressure is applied to the drum, and the cloth is first wrapped around the die coated with the release agent, then the pressure roller is placed, the head is placed on the heat roller, and the prepreg is pulled out and attached to the heating. Part of the head cloth, which is overlapped with the lead cloth. The length of the leader cloth is about 800 to 1200 mm, depending on the diameter of the pipe, and the length of the overlap between the leader cloth and the tape is generally 150 to 250 mm. When rolling thick-walled tubes, in normal operation, the rotation speed of the mandrel is appropriately accelerated, and the design speed is slowed down to the design of the wall thickness to cut the tape. Then, while maintaining the pressure of the press roll, continue to rotate the mandrel for 1 to 2 turns. Finally, the pressure roller is lifted, and the outer diameter of the tube blank is measured. After passing the test, it is taken out from the coiler and sent to a curing oven for solidification molding.

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