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What are the requirements for water-based lubricants?
- 2019-06-21-

1.  Lubricant quality requirements

The interaction between the mold and the product and the plastic deformation of the drawn parts generate a large amount of frictional heat and deformation heat.  If the heat does not release the deformation zone in time, the viscosity of the lubricating oil will decrease, the lubricating film will become thinner, and the mold will be in direct contact with the product, causing scratches on the surface of the product. In severe cases, the product will be broken and scrapped.  Therefore, deep-drawing lubricants must have good lubricity and heat dissipation.  According to the friction characteristics of the stainless steel plate during the drawing process, the lubricant requirements are as follows:

(1) Excellent lubricity, deep drawing wear resistance and excellent viscosity temperature performance.

(2) The metal plate and the mold can be cooled.

(3) It should be easy to coat and clean.

2.  Development of water-based lubricants

Since water-based lubricants have many advantages over dry-film lubricants, many countries have been studying water-based deep-drawing lubricants since the early and mid-1970s.  Only the US Patent Office, the Japan Patent Office and the European Patent Office have granted nearly 100 patents for water-based lubricants.  Founded in 1941, IRMCO invented an efficient and environmentally friendly oil-free water-based stamping lubricant in 1981 that can completely replace traditional lubrication technology.  It is a polymer molding lubricant.  It is not only non-toxic, chemically stable, water-soluble, easy to clean, but also has unique heat-seeking properties, high adhesion, high lubricating film strength and high lubricating film strength.  Superior properties such as extreme pressure resistance, high cooling and high insulation.  It is mainly used for the forming of deep drawing, blanking, blanking and bending of metal workpieces, and can complete the most difficult deep drawing and deep drawing.  The development of advanced lubrication technology, greatly improving the production process and working environment of the user's metal forming, increasing production and contributing to environmental protection" is the only driving force for the sustainable development of Aimei.

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