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Data to be used when selecting a fishing rod device
- 2019-07-05-
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What data should I refer to when choosing a fishing rod device? I believe this is a question that we all care about. Let's discuss it in detail.

1, contraction length: Considering the convenience of travel, some wild fishermen can also conduct research according to their own needs.

2. Number of sections: Except for the 5.4-meter-long knot, the other dimensions are fixed. The platform pole is 5.4 meters, and there are 5 sections and 6 sections. You need to choose according to your needs. Typically, the 6-section 5.4-section rod diameter is small (between 1.0 and 1.1), and the larger 5.4-section rod diameter is larger (between 1.2 and 1.8), except for competitive fishing rods.

3. Material Weight: This is a data that is easy to mislead fishing friends. Fish gills over 1,000 yuan rarely advertise the weight of the material. These data are independent of grip strength, total weight (pressure), and arm fatigue resistance. On the contrary, if it is too heavy, small brands and cheap fishing rod materials are not available. Top-heavy, no waist and other phenomena, large and medium-sized fish have serious waist shaking, long-term fishing will seriously increase arm fatigue and even arm injuries.

4. Guide rod diameter: The diameter of the thinner part of the guide rod directly affects the top salvage value of the guide rod.

Additional note: The pole is divided into solid, hollow and dragon and phoenix tail.

1) Solid slightly: soft as noodles, top-heavy, this is not recommended to buy, generally less than 100 yuan rod use slightly.

2) Slightly hollow: the barbed fish is fast and light, and the thorny fish will have a strong tingling sensation, and the struggle will increase, not special line protection.

3) Longfeng tail: The upper part is solid and the lower part is hollow, taking into account the small advantages of the two poles.

5. Top fishing value: The top fishing value represents the weight of the flying fish, which is also the data of the comparison pit. In order to get people into the puddle, some fishing rods deliberately made a high fishing value data. In the actual fishing process, there will be serious head and tail light, boring head and uneven shaft strength.

6. Fishing: The fishing rod is divided into 46 kinds of fishing, 37 kinds of fishing, 28 kinds of fishing, and 19 kinds of fishing. According to the actual fishing type and fishing conditions, the fishing bait is selected.

7, heavy fishing: novice fishermen particularly like to pay attention to these data, but in fact, these data have no real effect.

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