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How to fish line and fishing rod equipment
- 2019-07-11-

In general, we will tie hooks and fishing lines together to make fishing easier. How should we tie fishing line and fishing rod equipment? Let's talk now.

One. Preparation Tools

1. Sub-ruler (measuring the length of the sub-line); hooks (generally recommended with non-stinged hooks and stab-free new Kanto fishing); scissors; fishing line; Place the binding sub-line and select the length 1000px-1250px).

2. According to the fishing environment, such as 50-1750px, the length of the sub-line is measured with a sub-rule.

3. Put the ends of the thread together.

4. Hang the hook and move the handle forward.

5. Wrap 4-7 turns slowly from the hook handle.

6. Slowly pull out the end of the thread and cut off the excess with scissors. The hook is ready.

Two. Binding Precautions

1. When hooking, you must leave a certain length of thread, and each time you tie the hook, you must leave the same length of the thread, so that the tie is very neat, the length of the strand is the same.

2. When tying the hook, ensure that the hook handle is wrapped gently (five or six rings). When the line slips out, it can be blocked with your fingers.

3. When tightening the wire, the wire end should be pulled slowly to reduce wear.

4. This is the key to avoiding a lot of disconnection. When tightening the tubing, the tubing should be bypassed in front of the hook handle as the hook handle is tilted back. If the strand is behind the stalk, it is easy to wear the strand and cause tangency.

5. It is very important to put the hook line in the hook handle when hooking, but the hook line only meets the force requirement when it is inside the hook handle, and it is easy to enter the fish body when the hook is bitten; When the hook line is outside the hook handle, it is easy to ignore. A good handle, it is not only easy to unhook, but also when the hook is stressed, the hook handle is also easy to unhook. The end is easy to wear, easy to tear the hook line, easy to cut the fishing line.

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