CNC cutting machine

CNC cutting machine

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CNC cutting machine operating program

Operating procedures:

1. Open the air source switch and check whether the pressure gauge index on the duplex unit reaches 0.4- -0. 5MPa. If not,

Adjust the two-stage pressure reducing valve to bring the air pressure to the specified value. Adjustment method: the clockwise rotation pressure increases, and the counterclockwise rotation pressure decreases.

2. Open the electric box, close the power supply, the power indicator light is on, start the motor, check whether the cutting piece rotates in the direction

Same as the mark on the waterproof cover.

3. According to the diameter of the rafter, select the appropriate "V" type aluminum strip and put it in the bearing chute, put the scorpion on it,

According to the diameter difference of the dice, adjust the eccentric shaft so that the center line of the dice is perpendicular to the slice to ensure that the incision is vertical. Rotate the large handwheel according to the length of the dice to align the moving seat pointer with the scale size to ensure the length of the dice after cutting.

4. After starting the motor, press and hold the dice and step on the foot switch. (Turn off and release, don't just step on it)

The gas cylinder works, the dice advances, the cutting is completed, and the speed of the dice can be adjusted by the copper ball valve under the gas-liquid converter. The forward stroke can be set by adjusting the time relay in the electric box. Yan) The longer the time, the longer the trip, the shorter the time (yan), and the shorter the trip.

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