Boring machine

Boring machine

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Weihai Lijiang fishing gear equipment manufacturers are characterized by the fact that the rubber layer is very strong, so it is very difficult to pick up. Now the usual method of slinging is to use hand tools to remove the hand. This method is inefficient, consumes labor, and seriously affects The speed of repair. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The object of the present invention is to provide a novel boring machine for the deficiencies of the prior art slinging device, such as low work efficiency and slow repair speed. The boring machine of the utility model is a scissors-like structure formed by a struts on a swing arm, such as a boring machine, characterized in that one end of the scissor structure formed by the struts and the swing arms forms a jaw. The support rod is provided with a support leg, the support leg is provided with a wheel, the other end of the support rod is provided with a fixed pulley, and the other end of the swing arm is provided with a pull wire. As shown in the above-mentioned boring machine, the boring machine is provided with a drive motor, and the cable is connected to the motor through a fixed pulley and pulled by the motor. The utility model is characterized in that the strut and the swing arm are provided with a clamp head. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, mechanical power operation and improved efficiency.



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