Fishing tester

Fishing tester

Product Details

Main technical parameters

Measuring diameter: φ35mm

Corner range: 0-60

Maximum weight: 50kg

Measurement and control method: touch screen automatic control

Motor power: 370W+120W

Power supply: 380V/50Hz

Dimensions: 700 × 600 × 2200mm

The utility model relates to a fishing and fishing performance testing machine, which belongs to a fishing rod measuring device of a fishing rod. The utility model is provided with a base, a frame and an upper support plate, wherein the base is provided with a guide rail, a guide bar and a reducer and a lower sprocket for providing lifting and transmission, the guide rail is straight and parallel to the horizontal plane, and the axis of the guide bar Vertically perpendicular to the horizontal plane, linear bearings are mounted on both sides of the frame. The linear bearing axis is coaxial with the axis of the guide bar. The intermediate position of the frame is fixed with a support shaft and a bracket through the reducer.

The bracket shaft is mounted so as to be freely rotatable as the speed reducer rotates, and the upper sprocket is mounted on the upper support plate. The device has a simple structure. After testing with the fishing test machine, not only the same series of fishing rods have the same tensile strength, but also the production is increased, the time and labor are saved, the speed is convenient, and the effect is good.

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