Repair machine

Repair machine

Product Details

Main technical parameters

Maximum repair diameter: φ45mm

Dust removal method: water flow dust removal

Power: 1.1KW

Power supply: 380V/50Hz

Dimensions: 900 × 460 × 1000mm

Main features: The lower plate of the machine adopts ball screw drive, the transmission is stable, the round-trip can be adjusted separately, the winding speed is fast, and the work efficiency is high. The structure of the repairing machine comprises a cylinder, a fixing plate, a connecting plate, a supporting rod, a receiving plate, a fixing seat, a knife seat, a reducer, a blade and a positioning head; the cylinder is arranged on the fixing plate; the telescopic rod of the cylinder is worn The fixing plate is connected to the connecting plate; the lower end of the connecting plate is connected to the receiving plate by a plurality of supporting rods; the lower end of the receiving plate is provided with a fixing seat; the fixing seat is provided with a knife seat; The lower end of the plate is connected with a blade; the lower end of the blade is provided with a blade; the lower end of the blade is provided with a positioning head; the positioning head is covered with a wear layer; the lower end of the positioning head is provided with a suction cup, the utility model The automatic repairing machine has a simple structure, is easy to use and labor-saving, and the entire repair process is completely automated.

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