Core removal

Core removal

Product Details

Main technical parameters

Maximum core diameter: φ50mm

Maximum effective stroke: 800mm (can be customized for large pipes)

Core removal capacity: 4000-4500 knots/shift

Motor power: 4KW

Power supply: 380V/50Hz

Dimensions: 2200 × 600 × 900mm

The core-releasing machine is mainly used in the fishing rod manufacturing industry to extract various kinds of fiber products or other material products which have been solidified on the core (body), and the core end face can be various geometric shapes, and is particularly suitable for fishing. The carcass withdraws the core. This machine mainly adopts hydraulic transmission, which is reasonable in clamping and uncoupling, and can be adjusted for proper movement. It is equipped with special clamps. The special module of clamp can be made according to the size of the geometry. Structure and working principle The core is moved into the guide rail and moved forward and backward in a certain direction. The clamp is fixed at the front end of the clamp. The clamp is equipped with a stripping module of a given geometric line size. The lower end of the clamp is equipped with a rising clamping cylinder. When the clamping cylinder piston is lowered, the clamp can be automatically opened (separated) by the principle of self-weight, and its action principle is clamping of the clamp - the piston rod of the extraction cylinder is moved backward (core) - the core and the workpiece Separation - Clamping cylinder reset (clamp open) - Retracting cylinder piston reset. The entire working cycle has a hydraulic manifold for distribution.

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