Double-sided water curtain spraying machine

Double-sided water curtain spraying machine

Product Details

Main technical parameters

Water curtain cabinet working mode: double-sided operation

Water curtain and water tray: stainless steel

Working face length: 1900mm

Circulating water pump: 0.55KW

Fan power: 0.75KW

Power supply: 380V/50Hz

Dimensions: 2300 × 2000 × 2100mm

(including fan height 400mm)

The water curtain type spray paint cabinet, also known as the "water spray paint cabinet" and the "water curtain machine", is a painting equipment commonly used in the spraying industry. Easy to operate by workers, good environmental protection, and can be combined with a variety of equipment. This equipment is widely used in the spraying of workpieces in machinery, auto parts, metal products, decorative parts, home appliances, furniture and other industries.

The workpiece is fed into the spray booth through the overhead conveyor or placed on the table. The operator sprays the workpiece with a hand-held spray gun or a stationary spray gun. The "film" effect and viscosity of the water are used to cause the scattered excess paint mist to be sucked to the water curtain for purification with the air flow, and then purified by the secondary water curtain, and the purified gas is discharged to the outside through the steam-water separation device. The waste paint removal rate is over 85%. The paint mist is mixed with water and rushes into the water tank with water, and is pumped and filtered by a water pump, and the paint residue floats on the water surface. Use the container to remove the centralized treatment, keep the water clean, and complete the purpose of paint mist purification. According to customer requirements, the paint filter can be added, and the filtering effect reaches 99%.

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