Marking machine

Marking machine

Product Details

Main technical parameters

Working method: pneumatic

Printing ability: 4000 knots / shift

Marking range: 130mm × 700mm

Gas source: 0.4-0.6MPa

Power supply: 220V/50Hz

Dimensions: 850 × 900 × 1340mm

The fishing gear printer is a brand-new digital printing device. Compared with the traditional printer, the new one is breaking through the limitation that the traditional printing device can only print paper. The machine can be used in various materials except water, air, oil and other liquids. Directly print the text on the surface. Such as gold, silver, copper and aluminum, crystal, wood, glass, leather, cloth, stone, ABS, PVC, etc. These objects can be flat or cylindrical, no need for plate making when printing, just enter on the computer Full color images give you the perfect print. The machine can also print on any physical surface according to the height of the printed object. It can set the automatic feeding time of batch production at will, without the need of plate making and repeated coloring process. It has simple and convenient operation, fast printing speed and wide application. The advantage is that the "universal color physical printer"

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