Automatic wire machine

Automatic wire machine

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Weihai Lijiang Fishing Tackle is a Shandong carbon fiber composite machine manufacturer. When producing automatic wire machine, the workshop operator is responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of the wire machine; ensuring safe and civilized production during the processing. The operator of the automatic wire machine must be trained in safety technology and qualified before operation. The operator should wear the dress according to the regulations. During the turning process, such as the collapse

For swarf, wear goggles or a protective cap. The working environment should be dry and tidy, and waste oil and cotton yarn should not be littered anywhere. Raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products must be piled up neatly. When it is strictly prohibited to block the channel and the workpiece, the chucks should be tightened as required. It is strictly forbidden to use heavy acid and acid. It should be designed according to the specification of the wire machine and the wire machine. Brackets to ensure the stability of the wire machine during operation, the safety of the wire machine is in operation, and it is not allowed to check the tools and workpieces in motion by hand. In the event of power failure during the operation of the wire machine, the power supply should be cut off and the tool holder and workpiece should be withdrawn. When the wire machine is in daily maintenance and maintenance, if it involves the electrical part, it should be carried out by a licensed professional electrician, and strictly in accordance with the "Electric Safety Work Regulations" (part of power generation and substation).

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