Automatic paint spraying machine

Automatic paint spraying machine

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Automatic paint spraying machine product quality advantage: the human hand directly touches the workpiece, the oil pollution probability is high, the quality stability is poor, and the qualification rate is low. Mechanical automatic operation reduces hand contact and cleans the surface of the workpiece. Low oil pollution rate, stable machinery to ensure quality

Paint usage: single shot for spraying, and the oil quantity is not easy to be controlled, the spraying effect is not uniform, resulting in large consumption of oil, the machine carries out multiple spraying at one time, shape and oil quantity and uniformity can control the operation of automatic painting machine equipment Environment: personnel-intensive operation, traditional paint spray system, the working environment can not be improved: automatic air paint system multiple air purification system to create a good working environment, automatic paint machine equipment type: there is a simple paint spray machine, Spray guns.

Check the sprocket of the paint sprayer, the lubrication of the chain and the tension of the chain once a week. If there is slack, adjust the long wheel to tighten the chain. Make sure to replace the cleaning solvent in the roller brush box and remove the paint stain on the inside of the box and the roller brush. 7 Regularly or regularly remove the paint stain on the residual enamel paint conveyor. The gun should always be kept clean and carefully cleaned. Do not disassemble the spray gun except for malfunctions or replacement of spare parts. Do not drop the gun on the ground or be hit by other objects. The nozzle is an important component of the spray gun and is the key to the spray gun. It is necessary to maintain and maintain the nozzle without any injury. Care must be taken at the end of each job. In addition to the above automatic paint spraying machine, Weihai Lijiang fishing gear also has carbon fiber prepreg equipment, etc.

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