Inflatable wheel soft grinder

Inflatable wheel soft grinder

Product Details

Inflatable soft wheel grinder A new type of grinding equipment. Its guide wheel is made of flexible pneumatic tires. The belt is made of soft contact. When grinding the taper with large taper, it can achieve no blind zone grinding and the grinding force is heavy. Controllable to meet a variety of meticulous grinding requirements.

Inflatable wheel soft grinder technical parameters:

1. Grinding method: manual pressing, soft contact, abrasive belt grinding

2. Applicable 竿 type: Taiwan fishing, stream, road Asia, especially suitable for Taiwan fishing handle 竿 and the abnormal shape of the taper change

3. Grinding diameter: Φ3-Φ50mm

4. Belt tensioning method: pneumatic tension

5. Working ability: 3000 sessions / class

6. Air source pressure: 0.4MPa

7. Total power: 2.0Kw

8. Power supply: three-phase 380V/50HZ

9. Dimensions: length 1200mm * width 800mm * height 1300mm

Inflatable wheel soft grinder maintenance and safety

1. Regularly check the pressure of the two joints and the oil level in the oil cup, and add 20# lubricating oil in time.

2. After the end of each shift, clean the surface of the machine and apply oil to each rotating part and oil cup.

3. When the abrasive cloth belt is worn and damaged, it should be replaced in time to prevent the belt from breaking and injuring people.

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