Grinding machine

Grinding machine

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Grinding machine supplier profile: This machine is the necessary equipment for the production of high-grade surimi in the fishing gear production industry. The advantage of this equipment is high precision, indicating precision 0.01, smooth grinding and no burrs. 1. Grinding diameter range: medium 12~60mm2, grinding feed mode: manual gear feed 3, grinding wheel specifications: medium 180x10xゆ31.754, work

Rate: 0.55KW5, power supply: 380V50Hz6, external dimensions: 600x700 x 1300mm Weihai Lijiang Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd. is engaged in fishing rod equipment and fishing rod mold earlier in China.

One of the manufacturers of the production, our company can also design and manufacture special equipment according to different products and customers according to customer requirements, to meet the production needs of customers, to satisfy customers, is a fishing gear, high

The preferred cooperation unit for golf clubs and various carbon fiber pipe manufacturers. Precautions:

1. Check the condition of the machine before starting the machine. No items should be placed on the machine table, and the workpieces should be placed neatly. 2. Check if there are any work or debris in the equipment before starting the machine. 3. Check if the switch is normal and reliable, and confirm that the protective cover is safe and effective. Before starting the machine, the operator must be trained with the work instructions to understand the various operating procedures.

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