Water mill

Water mill

Product Details

Main technical parameters

Maximum grinding diameter: φ50mm

Motor power: 1.5KW+0.25.5KW

Grinding capacity: 4000-5000 knots/shift

Power supply: 380V/50Hz

Dimensions: 900 × 450 × 1400mm

This machine is a new type of grinding equipment. Its guide wheel is made of elastic tires with good elasticity. The belt is made of soft contact. When grinding the taper with large taper, it can achieve no blind zone grinding, and the grinding force is light and heavy. Wholesale carbon fiber equipment can meet a variety of meticulous grinding requirements. Auxiliary machine water mill of fishing gear equipment: divided into sand belt water mill, semi-automatic vertical water mill and non-woven water mill sand belt water mill, cheap, equipped with polyurethane guide wheel, selling fishing rod equipment , durable, not easy to wear. The semi-automatic vertical water mill can be equipped with an adjustable pressure wheel to install the fishing rod equipment. The arc-shaped surface increases the angle of the rod into and out of the belt, and the chamfering can be completed at one time. The guide wheel adopts stepless speed regulation and pneumatic feed, and the angle can be adjusted at will, which greatly improves the working efficiency. Optional automatic feeder, saving labor and automatic processing.

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