CNC centerless grinding

CNC centerless grinding

Product Details

Main technical parameters

Grinding diameter: φ1.5mm-φ40mm

Grinding wheel specifications: PSA350×125×127mm

Guide wheel specifications: PSA250×125×75mm

Grinding wheel speed: 1870

Guide wheel speed: 18-220

Vertical plane: -2~+40

In the water level: 0~+3

Handwheel scale feed: 0.002mm

Height to bracket surface: 190mm

Total machine power: 9.5KW

Machine weight: 2000kg

Machine tool profile: 1550 × 1300 × 1405mm

Roundness: 2um

Cylindricity: 5um

Roughness: 0.32um

CNC centerless grinding features

1. Computer feed control, the minimum feed rate is 0.001mm.

2, high control accuracy, easy to operate, digital display, intuitive and accurate.

3, can achieve multi-taper one continuous molding, ordinary centerless grinding machine can only grind one taper at a time.

4. Improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

Centerless grinding, also called centerless grinding, is one of the grinding processes. There are two grinding wheels, a guide wheel and a grinding wheel. The guide wheel rotates on the horn by driving the cylindrical workpiece, and the grinding wheel grinds the workpiece. Heartless grinding is a weekly grinding method. The difference between centerless grinding and other grinding processes is that this type of machining does not require the determination of the center hole of the ground product, as this is the name. This grinding process is a processing of cylindrical parts.

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